11/11: A New Year for the Soul

As the world celebrates the advent of another New Year, the energy of the occasion may not resonate with everyone in the same way. For me, there’s a deeper connection to spiritual milestones that come before the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations and resolutions. The powerful energies of two significant dates — August 8th, known as Lionsgate, and November 11th, a manifesting new year, to ignite a spiritual awakening within.

As we approach the opening of the powerful galactic portal that is 11:11, one that aligns with the energy of Scorpio this year, I am fully aware of the huge spiritual shift, the awakening that is available to those who are open to taking a path of transformation over the next 12 months.

The number “1” symbolizes the individual, the “I AM,” while “11” represents two individuals standing together. We are here on this earthly plane to experience ourselves through others, and this is precisely what the number 11 illuminates. It’s a frequency that can elevate our consciousness to dimensions beyond the constraints of space and time. It serves as a reminder that we are not alone in this journey; we are co-creating with the cosmic energy of the Universe, the divine force that guides us.

November 11th: A Portal of Unity and Divinity

The date November 11th holds a special place in my heart. Falling within the intense and transformative Scorpio season, this date embodies the energy of rebirth and unity on a grander scale. The 11:11 acts as a portal for collective consciousness and the awakening of humanity.

During this time, we come together to align with our truths, connect with our soulmates, and manifest our dreams. It’s a moment to recognize the “oneness” we share with all living beings, our interconnectedness. As we unite and synchronize our energies, we pave the way for spiritual growth and transformation on both individual and collective levels.

Activating the 11:11 Coding's

On 11/11, as always I bring together a group of aligned souls who come together to activate our energy beings, welcoming the 11:11 coding's. This cosmic event opens a unique portal for personal transformation and growth. The number 11 is considered a master number in numerology, symbolizing spiritual awakening. Visualise it as two doorways swinging wide open to allow galactic energies to flow down and activate our unique coding's.



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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