2023, a year of love!


The end of another year is almost here and like so many I have taken time to pause, to reflect, to journal, to connect with the energy of the year and see all the blessings it has brought me, even the ones hidden in challenges.

It has been an interesting year in business, how we do generate business is ever changing and, in the times, we live in, I have watched people do and achieve beautiful things and I have also seen people do low vibe things to create business, to create money. People I had had respect for, people within my circle and outside it. I have had feelings of disappointment, disgust in others and I have also had absolute joy and excitement for those around me who have created success, but today I want to write about something entirely different. My journey of life this year. A journey of love.

As I am sure many of you who follow me and know me, know that this time last year my dad’s health started to spiral down the hardest path, end of life. After two years of fighting with dignity and staying positive, he got tired, and his body did too. A 5-month journey of love and heartache began.

I remember walking into the hospital in April to collect him from a blood transfusion He was fast asleep, and something hit me, I knew in that moment he had decided to die. I do believe we do this. My heart broke.

Whilst he slept on, the nursing team spent 45 minutes picking me up of the floor and talking to me. I had kept everything within me for all of this…



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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