A Peaceful Heart- Solar Eclipse


As we fast approach the energy of the solar eclipse later this week, on the 25 October, many of us may already be feeling it’s influence.

This solar eclipse in Scorpio, is coming in to encourage us to change, transform, and to emerge from the chrysalis as the next beautiful version of ourselves. This is the moment that many have been waiting for, feeling as if life and love was on hold, for so long. Does it feel as if you waking up now or walking out of a fog?

The New Moon in Scorpio is a partial solar eclipse. Very much aligned with Venus, so from a spiritual perspective it is casting light on love and all things beautiful in this world. Our world.

A time to show you where love and happiness truly lie.

There is of course the energy of reveal that pushes us into new chapters, as there always is with a new moon. Some will find themselves needing to make important decisions as they come to accept or realise what it is that truly makes them happy. The driver with this new moon is the sensation of feeling content. So, anywhere there is a feeling of discontent, uncertainty or dissatisfaction, especially when it comes to love and finances, will experience some form of challenge to create a necessary shift. Not through huge arguments or explosions as I affectionately call them, but more through balanced thinking and realisations that we know we must act on.

This will be the deciding factor in those important decisions life is now asking you to make.

After the last four and a half months of walking through karmic clearing experiences, don’t you deserve to have a little more ease in your life. A little more comfort and peace?

As we step into the new, calmer, stronger version of ourselves we may feel drawn to have a change of hairstyle, make up or even a whole new wardrobe as we want our outer to reflect our inner better. With this moon cycle you have permission to treat yourself with love and book in for that facial, that massage, some TLC.

Some of you reading this may find yourself decorating or spending time in much more beautiful places than you have been in over recent months. Go to the places you love. The places you feel at peace in. See this as an act of self-love.

Talking about love, this is a good season to truly connect with a soul mate. A tie to find unconditional love. Our attraction level is high so open that heart and let love in. This could be the start of something beautiful.

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Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash



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