A Time to Harvest

The Sun is now in Scorpio and it will remain there until-November 21. The sun shines bright as always, bringing light to the things that are unseen or unknown, not just involving others, but that which is buried deep within us.

Scorpio, at it’s best, is about using our creative skills, ability for universal good. For the greater good. We can find ourselves striving for success, equality and more fairness in this world. At it’s worse it is about power and authority and the destructive energies or hold that people in positions of power can have. We may have interesting times ahead. I feel there may be some shifts in the political world, large corporations, banks and even in our own connects where there are power struggles already.

As I have written before, the control programme is lifting and situations where there is a power struggle, where people are being manipulated or controlled could be challenged now. So any challenges you face, are probably to bring this out in to the open and bring it to an end.

A time for all things hidden to be revealed, secrets, revelations, deep rooted feelings. When we are in a season of Scorpio, we will experience endings and beginnings. Forcing us to open up more whether to others or to our self. A time to dig deep to discover what we have supressed that is blocking us from waking forward in this world, this lifetime. Many may discover that life is not fair during this transit!

Scorpio is all about ‘I desire, I want’ so this is a time to be careful what you wish for, the Universe is listening and with the Scorpio’s sting in it’s tail, it may well deliver, good , bad or indifferent what you are speaking into your world.

Scorpio’s can be well known for speaking and acting for no regard for other people when their desire for something is so strong. So if you are a Scorpion know that this can intensify within you. Feeling frustrated? Feeling like you are missing out? Be careful how you voice it. But it is not just Scorpio’s who need to follow this advice, it is all of us!

This is a time to harvest. To get back the energy you have been putting into things, karma.

However, this energy has the power to pull people through huge healings, shifts that we would identify as transformation, looking back. The energies are passionate, strong and intense and will be releasing the darker traits of jealousy, manipulation, aggression and pure nastiness!

This is a time where keeping things to yourself may serve you better, give you a smoother ride especially if you find yourself going through this deep transformation, this letting go and healing that we are being encouraged to walk through.

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Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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