Are You Not Feeling it Anymore?

Are you not feeling it anymore?

It’s been a hectic start to the week, amazing though too!

Yesterday I hosted a two hour business coaching session with a beautiful couple who own a local business. A great business I might add.

When we have business partners, both need to be on board for the vision, for the goals, the mission.

So when one partner is exhausted, burnt out and has disconnected mentally because it has all become too much. It impacts the business.

When you have business partners, when you have a team, you are in fact co-creating. It is so important to look after the mindset and emotional state of ALL the team, not just you.

In this case rapid success had brought in a feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion and one partner was p**d off and resenting the business. Feeling like it was the problem and cause for all the cr*p he was feeling. I get that. Exhaustion will do that, but here’s the thing, when you start resenting your business, resenting the money coming in, you fall out of love with the business and the revenue it brings and suddenly that constant flow stops! Or comes in with a hefty price so you resent it more.

Whatever you feel about business and the day ahead, is exactly what is going to manifest, not necessarily today but in about two weeks time and it will keep manifesting until you do something about it.

So my #toptip is to always stop and take stock of how you are truly feeling about the aspects of the business that you are involved in. You must learn to check in with how you and your team are doing. You must make sure you are listening!

So, getting back to my couple yesterday, new roles were created, or rather their roles within the company were adjusted so that the work was dispersed more evenly PLUS they got to do the bits they love. They both walked out feeling empowered and ready to do business.

Back into leadership.

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Being the boss isn’t always the easy path, but bossing it means you make sure steps are taken everyday to make sure your passion is still there for it! Agree?



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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