Happy Galactic New Year!

For anyone who lives by astrology, we may be partying, as the 26th of July is the start of a new galactic year in accordance with the Mayan Calendar. A whole new year opens up.

The ancient Mayan end of the Galactic Year is on July 25th which is called “The Day Out of Time”; the ancient Kemetic New Year’s Day when Sirius rises over the pyramids on the Giza Plateau is also July 25th.

Then the Galactic New Year begins on the 26th. This is a whole new year, 13 moon cycles, to consciously create a life you love that aligns with your soul.

Each year serves a purpose.

This galactic new year is all about transformation and renewal and it will bring with it, just like any year, it’s challenges for us, challenges to find our own path, to walk our souls path during such times of spiritual conflict. The world is struggling to remain in it’s old form, this is because the change, the activation of the new world lies in each and everyone of us as we choose the soul path over the the path of illusion.

We are being called to find a way this year of being who we truly are against all the odds and pressure from external sources. To truly reconnect with our souls as the galactic light codes come with the energy of renewal.

See this as a new beginning, a fresh start. A time to let go of fear and anxiety and trust. This is a year to remember. To surrender to the soul, the souls path, the souls purpose. To feel abundance, real abundance because you are aligning to who you came here to be and to do what you came here to do. Abundance that comes through being in flow, to live in the now, using our intuition and acting on it.

A time to choose freedom, wellness and feeling whole by looking at the things we do, the things we say, and checking whether they are truly bringing love and joy into this world. To pay attention to the small details in our life and recognise where change is needed. Small changes add up to a big change through 2022.

A time to remember who we are!

This is the start of the Lionsgate journey ( I have a whole blog to follow on that). A time when the download begin. When the light codes begin to enter the earth and those upon it. During this time you must focus only on what you DO want to create. To be extremely conscious of where you are allowing your thoughts and your imagination to go, for this is how we manifest.

Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

I am a Spiritual Coach inspiring others to live and work consciously and follow the path of the soul. Need me in your world? https://www.samantha-jayne.co.uk