I Am Woman, Hear My Roar!

Now I have never claimed to be some kind of woman’s rights protestor or feminist, at least in my eyes, but I am all about empowering women!

As a woman in her last year of her forties, bring on the fifties, watch this space ;-), I have gone through so many ‘seasons’ that women pass through in life. From young teenager to single mum, in relationships, out of relationships, wealthy, poor, wealthy to successful business woman. From being surrounded by people to feeling very much alone in this world.

One thing that has always stuck with me through this journey is the power of women. The unspoken, untapped power of women.

I love success, I love other people’s success and I will never understand a woman who puts other women down, who envies their success, their happiness, their achievements. We are a collective. When one woman wins, we all win.

We are on a path now where we will see what is referred to as the old money matrix, the old world disintegrating as control elements break down and people awake with every passing day.

Women have always been held back across time. Check out your history books if you don’t believe me, you’ll also find tales of phenomenal Queens who stood up for what they believed in, and many paid a price too.

A history of women being paid less for roles that men do. You don’t need me to point anything out, you know all of this what ever your genitalia!

So when I was sat hosting a Business Mastermind for women who are powering up and connecting to the new money matrix, there were some amazing conversations and realisations that went on. For example, how a number of the women had been sat in business meetings and been referred to as ruthless. Not successful. Not exceptional and business minded but ruthless. I’m sorry, does my business growth make your dick shrink? really? The list went of experiences and conversations like this, and not just in one industry, but in many.

Times are changing! Times need to change.

I believe that the future of equality in business, lies in the coming together of powerful women to support each other in their businesses. To be each other’s cheerleaders.

I believe that we are moving towards a time of huge wealth for those who are tapped into the energy of this world. Not the fear. A time where we have no space for greed and anger and hate. Where we recognise that resentment of…



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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