June — a month of love!

Do you love what you do?

First thing to be aware of is that the numerology in June is 4, we are in a 4 month in a 7 year. This month is going to ask you to declutter. It’s going to be asking you to get things in order at home and that there is a need to minimise the distractions, the clutter the noise, all of these things in your home environment. It is also a great month to be working out what is your priority and what needs to be dealt with making sure your daily actions, the things you are doing are a match for your vision for your life, your rich life. There’s also an opportunity here though for you to pay attention to what triggers you and anything that is triggering you knowing it needs to be dealt with, anything that triggers you, anything that is over complicating your life is all going to need to be dealt with or at least you have the opportunity because the energies are behind you supporting you to do so this month.

This is a month to declutter all that stuff so that you can get really focused on living your best life, enjoying life, manifesting the life you enjoy.

We are coming out of Mercury now, and the good news is we are even out of the Mercury shadow, so how you are communicating with other people should be improving. You may even feel drawn to learn something, and stuff like that, you may want some knowledge, you may be paying attention to the details that are going on in your life as well. So just to make you aware of that. It’s a great time now to start to talk about the things that are bothering you and things that need to be simplified in your life to get your home life flowing in a much better way. It is a great time as well for coming up with goals and thinking of a very grounded and strategic approach to achieve those goals. Whether its raising money for a holiday, clearing out the house, whatever it may be that you feel you need to do, you want to achieve in your life, this is a great month for setting those goals up. And then working in a structured organised way to manifesting those things and achieving them.

There can be clashes between what we call traditional structures and bringing in new change, which all of our lives will now be about. Creating this new world energy. So be aware that some of you may have attention this month or disruptions in connection to schools, government and certainly the social, the economic, and the political structures that affect us on a daily basis, so watch for that. Some of you may feel resistance and you may…



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