Mercury Retrograde

It’s happening again, those two words that send shivers down many of my readers spine are about to start being heard: Mercury Retrograde!

So many see mercury retrogrades as a negative season but I prefer to see them as a chance to go back and start over. To heal. To shift. To reach a reflective understanding about events we have walked through, choices we made and the outcomes we are now in. All perfect activities to do before stepping forward.

As Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus, it’s a reminder to slow down and take a moment to connect with our breath. This is a time to assess how we can best align our mind and body, as well as our financial and material resources. It’s also a great time to reconnect with our own personal pleasure and joy.

As we take this pause, we can reflect on our values and make sure to prioritize our own health, happiness, and well-being. Some of us may use these energies to repair relationships and others may see where changes need to come. Remember your relationship with yourself may need work on too.

During this energy, it’s important to remember that slow and steady wins the race.

During this three-week period of Mercury’s retrograde in Taurus, starting April 21, you may notice how fixed and stubborn those around you are. Or is it you being stubborn? We may even see this on a global scale as stories in the media reveal the battles that are going on in some of the more powerful corners of the world. Clashes are inevitable.

Frustration could be possible as the projects and plans that we have been merrily working on, or plodding through in the background, now could come to a halt and this could mean our schedules clashing.

My advice is to use this slowdown as an opportunity to streamline your systems, catch up on “boring” busy work and take a step back from charging through barriers.

The time-out may not feel like a blessing right now, but it will have been looking back.

Be mindful of your spending, particularly when it comes to luxury items, and use this period to reflect on the current matter that needs to be dealt with through the beginning of June.

Mercury retrograde in Taurus is the perfect time to reassess, reorganize and realign. Is your reality a reflection of the vision you wish to achieve in the world?

Are your thoughts and your actions actually steps towards those goals or are you simply finding distractions?

Are you creating business or busy-ness in your business?

What aspects of business no longer fit and need to left in the past now?

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Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

I am a Spiritual Coach inspiring others to live and work consciously and follow the path of the soul. Need me in your world?