My Top 3 Tips for the Last 48 Hours of Mercury Retrograde

Just Two more Days!

The end is in sight!!!

Hasn’t this one been a journey? Drop a comment and let me know if it was for you!

We are just two days from Mercury starting it’s journey out of retrograde. This one was all about relationships and a karmic play out. Did you see karma being served? I know I did! Not once but many times.

For me personally, the most symbolic one was, 12 months ago we were treated appallingly by a ‘so called friend’ who we had shared a horse yard with, resulting in property of ours being taken. It has taken 12 months, but we got it back.

Interestingly, during this Retrograde I have been on the receiving end of some ugly behaviour, but the old me would have said sod this I am out of here, but no, this time Mercury Retrograde was presenting a repeat scenario, giving me the chance to respond differently, and I did. I stood my ground! Something that doesn’t always come easy to me, when caught off guard. I did it though, I stood my ground and life is a whole lot better. I also think it was the trigger for the karmic debt being paid back that I just wrote about, us getting our stuff back, from a past experience where I should have stood up for myself!

There are two days left now, where we may have an opportunity to heal our relationships, whether old or new. You are encouraged to be open to this, open to accept the opportunity to heal, after all you don’t want to trudge through another repeat in the next Mercury Retrograde do you? Repeat after me, yes Sam!

This is a time to see the value in each other. The value in our lives and the people that bring joy, love, ease into our world.

So here are my top tips to get you through the next 48 hours:

My 3 Top Tips to Benefit from the last Two Days of Mercury Retrograde!

Now the first one, is as always to smudge! Smudge your home, smudge your office, you might even want to smudge your car if that is where you do your thinking, crying or found yourself arguing as we walked through the powerful energy of Mercury. Not sure how to? Click here to watch my free webinar. Be careful though, make sure you are ready for it going up in flames like mine did yesterday! Remember to smudge your crystals too, they may have had quite a battering over the last few weeks.

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