If you know you need to bring a change in, it could prove to be difficult, for a little while. Not that it won’t happen, but that it will take a little longer than you hoped for. Why? Because Uranus being the ruler of change, is about to go retrograde, it means that any changes slow down for a little while. Add to that that we are building up to a Mercury Retrograde (I will write about that in another blog), and you will see why, for my first tip, I am encouraging you to move forward in your life where you need it most, right now!

From August 24th 2022 through to January 22nd 2023, we will be encouraged to spend time adjusting to the changes that we have already brought into our world. So whether in our businesses or our personal lives, we can have a feeling of slowing things down as we head towards the end of the year.

The last four months of this year really do serve us as a time for reflecting on the roller coaster that 2022 has been for so many as they walked through so much change as part of their ascension process, connecting to the soul path they were put here to walk, whether willingly or not!

My next tip is to see this as a good thing, a time to evaluate how well things have gone this year and to choose, consciously, what it is you wish to create in 2023.

Uranus spends it’s whole retrograde season in Taurus, so if you are Taurus, you will feel this more than others. As the energies of change slow down, we are being given space and time to look at what we value, to turn inwards and look at what needs must be met and to see the changes that we need to bring in to feel more confident, stable and secure in this world.

My third tip is to journal this, to write this down and feel how you wish to feel in the year ahead. Do your goals match your true values and needs or do they need adjusting?

Think of it as a time to process all the changes you have walked through this year and a time to get ready for the changes that lie ahead.

Watch for feeling impatient and restless though. This could trigger you into taken action that actually takes you off path and makes bringing those changes in harder than they ever needed to be. Don’t let the ego run the show! When we realise that the changes we want could be too far out of reach right now, frustration can be a negative force.

Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

I am a Spiritual Coach inspiring others to live and work consciously and follow the path of the soul. Need me in your world?