Not feeling yourself? Psychic attack?

Have you ever faced a sudden and totally unexpected negative response from someone ? Which has then rubbed off onto you?

Like an impact it instantly makes you angry and upset.

A psychic attack (also referred to as an energy attack) is exactly that. It comes very quickly and is caused by someone else’s negative energy being directed at you. We can all find ourselves under the impact of another person’s negative abuse. With our mood and our energy level changing rapidly. We can feel as if everything is spiralling out of control.

Negative energy, or low energy, doesn’t necessarily have to come from a person’s words; it can come from someone’s thoughts, attitudes and emotions as well. It also doesn’t have to come from a face to face encounter. It can be through the internet or on the end of a phone call or email.

If you are, like 99% of my clients, an Empath, then you will be more affected by psychic attack than those who are not. Don’t be fooled though, those who are not empaths can also be impacted without realising what the real problem is.

Psychic attack is something that triggers us to experience low energy. Low energy is basically that mindset and energy level that is created when we feel an emotion that is far from than happiness. This could present itself as worry, doubt, fear, sadness, anger or anything else that makes us tired, restless, emotional, fear-based souls.

Here are ten of the most common signs that you may be experiencing a psychic attack:

1. Coughing or choking on seemingly nothing in particular.

2. Feeling cranky or easily irritated.

3. An awful headache or even symptoms of a migraine.

4. Feeling stomach pain or nausea.

5. Experiencing feelings of guilt, anxiety or worry eating away at you all day long that you just cannot seem to shake off.

6. Having a sudden feeling of disorientation or feeling out of sync.

7. Difficulty in breathing or a really tight feeling in your chest yet you know it isn’t the start of a heart attack.

8. Feeling sharp pains around the shoulders, chest and/or back.

9. Feeling so overwhelmed as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

I am a Spiritual Coach inspiring others to live and work consciously and follow the path of the soul. Need me in your world?