Ready for a new adventure?

Tomorrow, the 23rd May we have the Full Moon in Sagittarius. The influence of this Moon will see us feeling drawn to go within, even as business owners, to listen to our intuition. Some could find themselves having a whole new view on an aspect of their business or perhaps business itself in general.

As business owners, this aspect encourages us to embrace change and harness the power of reinvention. Whether it’s a new business strategy or a personal breakthrough, this alignment supports profound and positive shifts. So a perfect time if you know you need to bring a change into your business, or how or who you do business with.

The influence of Neptune will also be enhancing our intuition and creativity. This is a time to trust our gut feelings and let our imagination soar. For those in creative industries, this alignment can be full of inspiring moments, bringing beautiful and bold ideas that will resonate with us on a deeper, more meaningful level. The importance of doing business that feels good for our soul is going to be really highlighted by the light of this full moon.

Some business owners may experience challenges, but know that there are great opportunities for growth with any challenges you may find yourself in over the next few weeks. It is all about balance and many may find themselves needing to let go of the aspects of what they do that are just knocking creating stability and security. There will be a need to balance the books, yes, but also the flow of energy and the rewards, time working, time…



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

I am a Spiritual Coach inspiring others to live and work consciously and follow the path of the soul. Need me in your world?