Ready to go public?

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Tomorrow, the 6th January, we see the energy of the Full Moon come into play, or should I say we feel it.

This Full Moon blends beautifully with the energies of cancer and with the Sun in Capricorn to bring us a promise. A wish. A desire.

What did you start or wish to start at the last New Moon?

Feeling emotional?

Well the odds are high that you may be feeling emotional with this one simply because there is an imbalance occurring in your world. Especially if you are someone who is in the public eye, whether as a celebrity or as someone who deals with the public a lot. This moon is casting light on how you are presenting yourself to the world. I shared a little bit about this in my week ahead today which you can watch here.

That full moon is there and it is in cancer and it is bringing all of this cancer and Capricorn energy together to encourage you to bring in a new level of balance between your private life and your public life.

This could be a time of trouble and challenges as those who are presenting themselves as someone they are not in the public eye, face exposure. It could be that some reading this will have a battle to maintain some form of private life. Some celebrities may even choose to go public about the events that have been or are going on in their home lives.

For those of us who are not in the public eye, it will surface more in how you represent yourself on social media, when out and about. That sort of thing. Who do people see you as and who are you when you are at home. Is there a difference? Are you being authentic?

Are you appreciating your home life and family. 2023 is all about having a solid foundation in this world ready for what is to come in 2024. Every Mercury Retrograde this year falls into earth signs, asking us to reflect on what grounds us, our roots and our home. This is influencing us now too.

When it comes to business, if you’re not a celebrity, it is about reputation and it is about accountability in how you present yourself to the world . You have a responsibility for what you are putting out into the world. Are you taking responsibility?

For some it will simply be about balancing our work commitment and our family life.



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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