Spiritual Business Coach! What even is that?

Spiritual Business Coach?
What even is that?

These are the questions I am constantly asked. So here goes…..

We when you arrive at my beautiful premises, you have to take your clothes off and bite the head off a chicken!

Calm down, I am joking!

As a Spiritual Business Coach, I combine healing and mindset coaching to open my clients and their businesses up for success. To attract the clients, they would choose to work with, the opportunities they long for and of course the income they know they are worth.

By losing the fears, the beliefs that life has imprinted into my clients, they are able to let go of what is holding them back and open up to new possibilities and new visions of success. Limiting beliefs will always limit how you experience life, whether you have a business or not!

At some point, we will find ourselves, blocked, stuck, unable to see a clear way forward. To get beyond that will almost always require someone else to shine a light on a new path ahead.

What if those blocks came from watching your parents lose everything in the last recession? Or your Uncle lose his business because of VAT or tax issues? What if you come from a family that have never had their own businesses?

I coach to a wide range of clients and business sizes because I coach my clients to achieve their RICH LIFE and everyone’s version of that is different. It’s not necessarily about flashy cars and huge houses, mega money holidays and the bling, more often than not it is about wanting to love what they do, make a difference, and create a life they love where they have the money to finance having beautiful experiences and creating great memories with their children.

It is about your attitude, your driver, your why, your energy levels, knowing what you love and what you hate.

Often it is about getting out of your own way!

Every client session brings it’s own shift whether in the business vision, the strategy, the goals or of course the mindset.

Every client leaves their session with clarity, feeling empowered and energised to get back out there and do good business.

Every client knows who they are and what they came here to do it. They feel fulfilled and that is priceless!

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Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

I am a Spiritual Coach inspiring others to live and work consciously and follow the path of the soul. Need me in your world? https://www.samantha-jayne.co.uk