Stick To Your Values

As the full moon of April 5 shines its light on matters to do with renegotiations, reconciliation, justice seeking, and the creation of a more balanced world, take this time to do some self-reflection and ask yourself what needs to be addressed to reach a positive outcome.

With the hybrid solar eclipse of April 19, you may experience something sudden or unexpected that could shift your attention and redirect your action. To remain in alignment with your highest potential, be sure to stay informed and stick to your core values. Mercury’s retrograde in Taurus can offer a chance to get the ducks better lined up before taking a leap of faith. Make sure you use this time to do what is most natural, self-honouring, and of true benefit/merit for you.

On this spiritual journey, the full moon and solar eclipse of April can be powerful reminders of the importance of self-reflection and staying true to yourself. Ask yourself what needs to be addressed in order to reach a positive outcome and use this time to ensure that all of your decisions are in alignment with your highest potential.

You are allowed to be spiritual and wealthy!

Love and blessings
Samantha Jayne
Spiritual Entrepreneur Coach

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