Success As the Queen of Cups!

Success As the Queen of Cups: A Businesswoman’s Guide to Intuition and Compassion

I was recently chatting to a fellow spiritual business owner when they said to me, that I am the Queen of Cups when it comes to business. It made me think! It made me think that I have never shared with my beautiful readers, the connection between the characters in the tarot cards with the character traits we see in business! So, this is the first in a number of blogs I will share over the coming months about just that.

So when it comes to the world of business, where so many business owners operate so much in their heads and not in their hearts, the Queen of Cups stands out as a symbol of balance, intuition, and emotional intelligence. This tarot card represents a woman sitting on a throne with a cup in hand, embodies qualities that may seem unconventional in the corporate landscape. However, when we look deeper into the Queen of Cups, we discover a powerful and effective approach to business, particularly for women who seek to lead with empathy and insight.

Just like me, the Queen of Cups urges businesswomen to trust their intuition in the decision-making process. While rational thinking has its place, tapping into your intuitive abilities can provide you with such a unique, strategy when it comes to business. It also creates the space to move faster and to move in ways that those who are unable to think outside the box can.
Successful businesswomen often find that embracing intuition helps them navigate complex situations, anticipate market trends, and make decisions that resonate with both their values and the needs of their clients.
Just as the Queen of Cups sits on her throne, surrounded by a calm sea, successful businesswomen understand the importance of creating a nurturing work environment. By creating a culture of support, understanding, and collaboration, they empower their teams to thrive. This empathetic leadership style not only enhances employee satisfaction but also boosts productivity and innovation. The Queen of Cups teaches us that a businesswoman can lead with both strength and compassion.
Great communication is so important when it comes to leadership, and the Queen of Cups excels in this aspect. As a businesswoman, having open and honest communication is essential. By expressing empathy and actively listening to the…



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