The Ego and the Quest for Humility

Hey there, beautiful souls on this journey of self-discovery!

Today, I’d like to write about something important — the spiritual ego. It’s like this sneaky thing that can pop up when we’re trying to grow spiritually and make us feel better than others.

With spirituality becoming ‘the in thing’ I felt drawn to write a series of blogs about the reality of walking the path of spiritual growth. Anyone who is doing the inner work will tell you it is not all fluff and stuff and white clouds. It is about checking in with yourself, time and time again and often when I am coaching, I find myself coaching around the ego, the spiritual ego.

Imagine you’re growing a garden in your heart, learning and feeling all kinds of good stuff. But then, this tricky weed shows up — the spiritual ego. It tries to make us think we’re better than others, and that’s not what our spiritual journey is about. Agreed?

But don’t worry! I’ve written this blog to help you be more aware of this tricky ego and how to stay humble. Our hearts really want to connect with others, and the spiritual ego is like a cloud blocking that connection.

Picture this: You’re diligently nurturing the garden within, absorbing wisdom, and basking in the radiant glow of your newfound insights. Yet, in this sacred space, a subtle intruder may arise — the spiritual ego. It’s like a shadow whispering tales of superiority and separation, threatening to obscure the brilliance of your spiritual journey.

In the words of the great poet Rumi, “The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Let’s bravely illuminate the signs of the spiritual ego — those moments of judgment, the craving for validation, and the illusion of separateness. By acknowledging these shadows, we invite the transformative light of self-awareness to guide us on a journey of authentic connection.

So what practices should we engage in to reduce the odds of falling prey to the spiritual ego?

Acts of kindness, gestures of service to others, and a genuine embrace of our shared humanity become powerful tools to dissolve the illusion of spiritual hierarchy. As we extend compassion and empathy, we unveil the truth that each soul is a unique facet of the divine masterpiece.

Be Humble

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