The Empath and the Narcissist in Love

As we move forward through life, we often become increasingly aware that we are empaths, feeling, sensing, knowing the energy of emotions of others. Feeling it all.

As spiritual souls we are on a journey through a physical life that must be felt. So often this is the downfall of our human self, choosing to shut off, cut off and refrain from feeling in order to not get hurt, to not feel vulnerable.

As a Healer and a Spiritual Coach, one of the many situations I often find myself helping clients process or release is the experience of the empath versus the narcissist.

So why do these two seemingly polar opposite beings migrate towards each other so often?

First lets look at the energy of the empath. So often empaths are born into families where there is disconnect. Born through parents who were carrying so much of their own stuff to walk through that the pains, the needs, the loneliness of the child went un noticed. Often growing up in situations where they felt overlooked, rejected, not enough and as if they were resented for being here.

As a child the empath is usually quite a loner, subconsciously protecting themselves from the over load of the world around them, energetically I mean. with no real understanding of why they felt more comfortable alone. Feeling overwhelmed when surrounded by people and uncomfortable whenever the spotlight was put on them. They hid away and withdrew.

However, under that, there is often a strong desire for love, wanting to feel loved, wanting to feel accepted and wanted. Wanting to fit in. This remains with us through into adulthood. That feeling of not being good enough, unwanted and unable to be loved creeps in and digs deep roots.

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

When we turn and look at the life path of the Narcissist, they too are living in deep pain and struggle. They tool feel unwanted and unloved in the world. Often walking through painful childhood experiences, they too feel all of the feelings that the empath does but they choose a different approach. For the narcissist it becomes a self centred war against those around them. Feeling that they have the right to demand, to manipulate, to take from others whatever they wish in order to feel powerful and strong. This is to stop the feelings of being…



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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