The Moon, The High Priestess and The Menopause

So why would a Spiritual Coach, feel drawn to write about the joys of menopause you may ask, well, as a 50 years young woman, it is something I personally know about first hand!

Just like the Moon, we all pass through various cycles in life, over and over again, and hormones certainly remind us of this fact. A season in womanhood that used to be so hidden, so kept behind closed doors, hidden for only the moon to reveal.

Now though, women are opening up to talk about their experiences, no longer feeling somewhat ashamed to admit that they have hit this stage in life. As I write this there is a campaign running, to raise awareness in the work place, Join the Menopause Workplace Pledge campaign — Wellbeing of Women.

Perhaps strangely for me, I found perimenopause harder than menopause. I will always remember my first experience of my temperature rocketing, it wasn’t in the middle of the night, it was in fact smack bang in the middle of a healing session with a client. I am used to getting hot through the energy of the healing, but this was like nothing on earth and my body broke out in a sweat that took me in seconds from being completely normal, to being soaked through.

For months I had to have a cold bath sat there, for me to dip my body into in between each client, thnk God I worked from home back then!

I remember another time, I was hosting a LIVE weekly insight session in my online positive vibe tribe when I had it happen, but…



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