The start of Spiritual Wealth

December is a powerful month, where fortune favours the brave!

A month that will be asking us to step up into success in many aspects of our life. A month that centres around unity and trust. Two powerful energies coming together with the intention of bringing the world together to achieve better things, to achieve greatness, to achieve success. The world will be watching how you behave, how you engage with others, whether you speak your truth . Eyes will be on you watching how much you are giving back into the world we live in. Are you paying it forward? Are you giving back?

We will be asked to speak our truth and the Universe has every intention of rewarding us for it. It is only when we step into our true power that we can create abundance, wealth in this world we live in.

I have been speaking and teaching for months now about how we moved through the Lionsgate to bring in the energy of of the female divine, an energy of creativity, intuition, love and wealth. For money and wealth come together now to change of money is distributed. Money is energy after all and if we are able to lovingly tap into money, then the spiritual community will be rewarded materialistically.

For lifetime after lifetime, those who came here awakened, aware, who had a sense of something more to this world where shutdown, and controlled through the fear of earning money, of creating wealth through our gifts, this can happen no more.

Those who are called now, those who have walked through a huge awakening and shift over the last six months will feel the desire to step up and lead. To create. To build. With a strong sense of who they are and what they give to this world. For only those who know, just know, can be part of this transition now as wealth is put into the hands of spiritual souls.

Why? Because there is to be a return of balance in how money is distributed into the world. I work with the Ancestors and I work to clear lifetime after lifetime of Ancestral beliefs and fears around being spiritual. We all are. For to truly step into our spiritual self, to live and breath through the heart now means to let go of the generational fear, the Miasma DNA that flows through our energetic veins, our meridians.

Spiritual people will do good things with money. Money empowers Spiritual souls to do good in this world, in their lifetime. Leaving the karmic trail of wealth instead of lack for the generations ahead of us…

Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

I am a Spiritual Coach inspiring others to live and work consciously and follow the path of the soul. Need me in your world?