They Want You to do Well, but Never Better than them, Remember that!

Photo by Valentina Conde on Unsplash

Recently I was ‘sacked’ by someone who ‘puts on events’ because someone had brought to their attention that I was hosting my own events. Now firstly, I am not employed and work for no one, not even spirit! I work WITH spirit and my Higher Self for the greater good, that’s what my job spec says!! I should know, I signed it.

A few days later I received such an abusive text, no doubt fuelled by alcohol, about how I will never be successful! I was stunned. I did not respond of course. In fact I didn’t even open it, I gave it the 5 second read it deserved as it flashed up on my phone.

5 seconds that showed me everything!

It showed me for one that my intuition has again not failed me. I knew this was coming. I knew at some point he would throw his doll out of the pram. I not only knew this intuitively, but because every single person he works with in his events, some who still are there on the event listings, had warned me to be careful with him. That he is a bit full of himself and stroppy. A Diva. In fact the person who ‘tipped him off’ is one of those people!

So from day one I had invested very little time and energy into the connection. To instead focus on my own business growth. My own journey.

One thing people have always underestimated, is the business woman in me.

It also showed me that the recent business decision to work with an events management company for my larger events and to take it up a level, was right!

It also highlighted to me how when we succeed, when we do well for ourselves, when we are progressing our businesses. those who do not have what it takes to get there, those who do not know how this world works, feel intimidated and threatened and feel the need to attack.

My success will never take away from another persons success. In fact as someone who has been working in the ‘spiritual industry’ for 20 plus years, I would like to think I have helped smooth the path a little for others, in some small way.

Haters will always hate, but the key thing to remember, is that they are hating on themselves. You can tell this when the words they use carry the energy of paranoia.



Samantha Jayne - Spiritual Coach & Writer

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