Time to get organised; Mercury goes Direct

On the 2nd of October, Mercury goes direct. The planet that rules information is going to station in Virgo till the 10th of October. This is an opportunity to get organised!

This presents us with a week to take a good look at our lives and our businesses and get organised ready for the rest of the year.

This is a time to look at what needs to get organised. Do you need to re-organise something? Whether your schedule or your kitchen drawers to make your life easier, this is the week to do it.

In terms of business, you may find yourself needing to look at your existing processes and procedures, to get your systems to work better for you and your clients. You may be pleased to hear that this can be a great time for signing that client that you have been working on for so long.

These energies are all about how to make your life and your business easier for yourself. So be sure to be asking yourself questions about what needs to go, where is the pressure in your life and of course what you can do about it. October is a month for letting go anyway, so know that this is all perfectly timed if there are aspects of your life or business that need to go so your life can flow better.

After Mercury spending time in retrograde, it now turns direct and any problems you have been having that centre around communication and making decisions, should start to ease now. The answers, the solutions can start to come.

If you have had to put any plans on hold, now they can start to move forward once again. Go gently though, this is not the time to rush full speed into the new. You might miss seeing something important!

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