Time to Re-Connect!

The new moon in cancer has certainly let it’s presence be felt and many may still be feeling raw emotionally as a whole new wave of energy opens for us to tap into. We are already feeling the build up of this powerful divine light.

The Sirius Gateway opens up in the first week of July every year.

Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash

Sirius is the Sun behind our Sun, and regarded as the true source of Divine Light . So you can appreciate why so many will be experiencing huge downloads and shifts that move them into alignment with their souls path through the sudden surge of intense energy that is set to ‘hit’ us full on the 4th and 5th July. The downloads we receive are to activate codes within your energy field to move you forward on your spiritual path, your souls path, so brace yourself for that ringing in the ears!

With such an energetic shift possible during this time, it is a time to go easy on yourself. Rather than push, push, push. Allow the body to calibrate with the new energies, the new coding that you are receiving. A time to pace yourself and for some to slow down so that they do not miss the nudges, symbols and synchronicities that the universe is sending, to help you align to your highest path.

Drink lots of water, take salt baths if you are struggling, journal, spend time outdoors to remind yourself of your deep connection to this Mother Earth and journal to discover where this journey may take you.

This is an important time to balance the body and soul as we clear Miasma DNA so that you can receive these important upgrades to your DNA.

On the 5th July, 7pm GMT I am hosting my online SIRIUS ACTIVATION SESSION, if you would love to join me please click here to book your seat.


The month of July is about family, home and career but it is also about connecting to you purpose, connecting to your soul path and being who you came here to be, and doing what you came here to do.

I hope you love who you are!

Let me know if this blog helps! Drop a comment below. Before you go, I recommend you read this blog here where I share insight into the energy of Neptune that is also affecting you right now.

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