What this year taught me in business!

What this year has taught me in business?

As a Spiritual Business Coach, I constantly put myself through my own coaching processes and one of the things I choose to do is audit my business regularly.

I make a point every quarter and at the end of every year of looking at my business, looking at the income levels for each month, looking at the activities that I did that led to that income level and the mindset that was behind those choices. Where was the shift? Where was the block that I cleared?

This helps me to not only develop the business, to see the patterns and the link between mindset and business, but also it develops me as a coach so I can take my clients further, faster.

2022 has been a powerful and amazing year for me in business and another year of doing what I love, something I feel very blessed to be able to do. Winning two business awards was amazing. Amazing to see the world recognise the work that I do. I see so many people working in jobs and even businesses that they do not love, so I truly appreciate what I have created. It’s not something I have taken for granted.

It has been a year of success, of both financial, client success and recognition for my work. Work that I am passionate about.

So, I thought I would share what 2022 has taught me?

If I had to use a one word heading it would be trust.

By truly trusting in the visions I have had, the intuitive moments, those gut feelings, I have experienced so much growth not only in business but within myself as a business leader too. Trusting those feelings about who to invite into masterminds, who to do business with, who not to do business with and what venues to use or not and the expansion of my own venue. Every step of the way it is trust that has made the difference.

I have also truly seen the power of your tribe this year too. That we really do become the company we keep and that mine is filled with purpose driven, successful women. It makes such a difference to who you hang out with, who you do business with and how you do business changes when you feel supported in your vision. We must work in collaborations where our energies are a vibrationary match for things to flow with ease. This is even true in our personal relationships too.

This year has also taught me that there are a lot of copycat creators out there! Business owners…



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