Your Soul Is Calling You

On the 5th May a beautiful and powerful energy portal is opening. This Celestial Cosmic Galactic Divine portal is opening and bringing with it high vibrational light codes into the crystalline grid triggering DNA cellular encodings geared to Awaken Consciousness to up your vibration yet further to the higher ascended realms. To your higher self. To your soul’s path.

Are you ready to receive abundance into your life? I hope so, because May is the month of abundance. It’s the fifth month of the calendar year, and five is the number of money. Money exists first in the etheric realm as an energy, then manifests in the material realm. All you wish to manifest is already yours, waiting there with your name on it, we just need to get YOU and your fears of it never coming to you, out of the way!

May’s a great time to ask the Universe to deliver, especially on 5/5!

At 5pm (GMT) on the 5th May I will be hosting online a beautiful healing and energy activation and you are welcome to book your seat here: Divine Activation — Samantha Jayne (

This is a time when we can receive a light body transformation and awakening to SOUL MASTERY. To connect us with our soul’s path. The journey you came here to take.

A time to connect with the divine consciousness and invoke more crystalline light into your light body so that you can rebuild the positive light DNA and activates dormant codes that will empower you to choose your soul’s path.

These divine codes transmit energy into your soul consciousness into the DNA and rebuilds the crystalline cellular structure, activates dormant soul codes and powers up the physical body to walk your highest path.

Be sure to make time on this day to meditate, to visualise and connect mentally and emotionally with a new vision for your life, your world. Write it down. Place that order.

As you meditate listen to your soul, feel what feels right to you. Recognise what feels good to your heart and soul even if there is no logic or it seems impossible to get there right now. Know that this is about having faith and trust in your soul and the universe.

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